Bird photo quiz-January, 2006....Point Pelee has set a new mile stone in the world of Birding. Alan Wormington has spotted the 301th. species for 2005, a female Barrow's Goldeneye along East Beach. I'd also like to give Alan a big high-five for his own record year list of 292 of the 301! Big New Years news is the discovery of an imm. IVORY GULL at Hillman Marsh by Adam and Rosalee Hall a 1st. for Point Pelee, thanks guys for my NUMBER 1 DREAM PELEE BIRD!!
If you can identify this month's photo quiz, you will receive 10% off any print order from PLUS an additional 5% off for correctly identifying the bird song that is heard on the homepage!!  Reply with your answer's to:

cDecember photo quiz answer: White-rumped Sandpiper.  Song quiz: Blue Grosbeak


cNovember photo quiz answer: Horned Grebe.  Song quiz: Blue Grosbeak


cOctober photo quiz answer: Phainopepla.  Song quiz: Kirtland's Warbler


cSeptember photo quiz answer: Herring Gull.  Song quiz: Orchard Oriole


cJune photo quiz answer: Northern Phalarope.  Song quiz: Orchard Oriole


cMay photo quiz answer: Thick-billed Kingbird.  Song quiz: Rufous-winged Sparrow


cApril photo quiz answer: Short-tailed Hawk.  Song quiz: Abert's Towhee


cMarch photo quiz answer: Dunlin.  Song quiz: Cassin's Sparrow


cFebruary photo quiz answer: White-rumped Sandpiper.  Song quiz: Yellow-breasted Chat


cJanuary photo quiz answer: Immature Anna's Hummingbird


cDecember photo quiz answer: Female Indigo Bunting


 November photo quiz answer: European Starling