Steve Pike ~ Nature photographer

Steve Pike is a professional Nature photographer living near Point Pelee National Park, a world-famous bird watching mecca in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.  At the age of 13, Steve took a keen interest in birding and was eventually compelled to capture on film the beauty he witnessed in the Natural World.  He has traveled extensively in North, Central and South America in pursuit of beautiful photos of both  Flora and Fauna in his photography endeavors.

Steve is a regular guest speaker for the Point Pelee festival of Birds and has been an expert birding guide for the Park.  Currently he is leading Nature photography and bird watching tours at Point Pelee and abroad.

Steve is also interested in entomology (insects) and botany (plants).

"The Earth does not belong to Mankind; Mankind belongs to the Earth."

Chief Seattle
Susquamish tribe, circa 1786.

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